Spider Wars Recreation by Milton Bradley

Spider Wars Game by Milton Bradley - 0

Worth: $18 Description: The Spider Fighter Recreation! Straight from the early nineties we’ve a really cool Spider Wars recreation, made by Milton Bradley. The sport comes 100% full with plastic net gameboard, 6 small plastic spiders, 2 giant Daddy Longlegs spiders, and directions. Situation sensible, the sport is in fine condition with minimal indicators of […]

The Four Corners Festival, Campus Summer Fun

Being a leading campus festival across the continents, the annual Four Corners Festival held at the Millersville University in Millersville is the classiest in its league. The festival is held at the shores of the Millersville University’s world famous swan pond, picturesque in shape and ambience. It collects an impressive cast from renowned artists across […]

Glastonbury Music Festival in Somerset

Glastonbury Music Festival is renowned all over the world and lasts for three summer days of performing arts. Nearly 200,000 people attend the festival. The next festival is scheduled between 23 and 27 June 2010.The sheer magnitude of the people who attend this Glastonbury music festival makes it imperative for you to make proper arrangement […]

Rock Al Parque festival of Bogota city

The Rock al Parque festival, which means Festival In The Park,  is an amazing event that comes to Bogota city every summer. It is always organized by the Secretariat of Culture and Sports courtesy of Bogota’s local authorities. Some of the other artistic genres featured here include salsa, opera, hip-hop and Zarzuela. The greatest genre […]