Rock Al Parque festival of Bogota city

The Rock al Parque festival, which means Festival In The Park,  is an amazing event that comes to Bogota city every summer. It is always organized by the Secretariat of Culture and Sports courtesy of Bogota’s local authorities. Some of the other artistic genres featured here include salsa, opera, hip-hop and Zarzuela. The greatest genre here is Columbian music, locally known as Colombia al parque.

There is also a section of this summer music festival which is known as “Boys and Girls at the Park” and it literally targets children. This is another reason why you need to bring your kids along for a unique summer adventure. It is only at this festival where children are given a special treat which is quite a novel approach considering that such are reserves for adults. Surprisingly enough, this festival has its origin in youth meetings that were taking place in Planetario Distrital as far back as 1992.

Rock Al Parque 2009

Rock Al Parque 2009

The main inspiration that saw the birth of the Rock al Parque festival is a singer by the name Mario Duarte. He was a member of ‘La Derecha’, a defunct band. Mario Duarte is the one who went to seek support from Institute of Culture and Tourism in Bogota. Julio Correal, a businessman, a staunch supporter of rock music, also contributed greatly to the success of the first Al Parque festival which was held in different venues of the outdoor theater that is popularly known as
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