Rio Carnival Costumes

The 2010 Rio Samba Carnival is Fast Approaching, Have you looked for your Rio Carnival Costumes? Are you attending the breath-taking, marvelous and historical Rio Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro in 2010? Rio Samba Carnival costumes must be ordered well in advance of the 2010 Rio Samba Carnival Parade as well as the carnival […]

Rio Carnival Best Places, Must See Events

The 2010 Rio Carnival is fast approaching which means you need to decide where you are going to stay, what you are going to do, and what you need to expect. This year, the Rio Carnival is February 13-17, 2010. You will definitely need to do some research and there are hundreds of web sites […]

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Held prior to Lent each year, the festival is a great fun and an extravaganza of color and festivities to which many thousands of people flock each and every year. The make-up of the carnival is quite extraordinary, with luxury balls and galas being held across the city and many carnival festivities taking place in […]