Finest Teddy Bear Museums

Teddy bear museums are really an overwhelming experience. These are places where you can totally be submerged with emotions, fun having hit the crescendo of perfection.   Spending time around hundreds of teddy bears can melt the heart and touch the essence of your humanness, adult as you are. For the past 100 years, the experience has received a great boost from the world’s community and many people are appreciating the fun museum. Perhaps this is why there have been many upcoming teddy museums all over the world.

The first ever Teddy Museum in the world was in Petersfield (Hampshire) England. It has since reigned as a prime teddy bear museum in the world.  The museum started operations in 1984 and has ever since been in the frontline of stocking favourite teddy bears. When it first opened, only teddies from a collection of Judy Sparrow were stocked but this has increased as more teddies are being introduced into the market. The most ancient and popular teddies have been stocked in the museum with their accompanying lustrous history giving them more aesthetic appeal and impetus. If you really are a fan of teddies, this could be one great option to try.

Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museum

Another perfect museum for teddies is the Dorset Stuffed-Bear Toy Museum. This is a great place to visit for anyone who feels like enjoying the fun in teddies. It is usually opened the whole week from 9:30 AM and is very flexible in closing hours. In this museum a great teddy bear collection is placed artistically. The fun is compounded as you enjoy flashbacks to times when fictional stuffed teddy bears were your object of desire. The teddy bear museum has assorted life-sized teddies that
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