The Lollapalooza Music Festival

The word “Lollapalooza” stems from an American idiom referring to a remarkable person or thing. That is the idea that the event organizer had in naming one of the finest band music festivals of all time. The term insinuates a very large lollipop, the kind that is represented on the logo. Such great fun is actually what the music festival has become to band music fanatics.

Held annually in Chicago, Illinois, the Lollapalooza Music festival is a leading American music festival that has become a world attraction since its debut in 1991. The summer music festival features a variety of music genres, such as hip-hop, alternative rock and punk rock bands while also incorporating comedy performances, craft booths and dance troops. The Lollapalooza music festival has emerged as a summer attraction of late, despite having humble beginnings.

The Lollapalooza festival was born out of the selfless gesture to members of the Jane’s Addiction band. Perry Farrell was inspired by Billy Graham to give his band a farewell tour in 1991 and ended up starting an annual festival for music bands. He partnered with Don Muller, Gardener and Marc Geiger, all of whom were members of the band. The summer festival fun ran consecutively for the next six years before going under for the next six years. When it was revived in the year 2003, the festival began touring all around North America, performing for two days in each city.

The Lollapalooza Summer Music Festival

The Lollapalooza Festival Fun

The tickets to the performances sold rather slowly such that the tour had to be cancelled at the last minute in 2004. Consequently, William Morris Agency and Farrell decided to partner with C3 Presents, formerly Capital Sports Entertainment in promoting the event. The new organizers decided to make the Lollapalooza music festival a weekend event. The Lollapalooza music festival then became
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The Four Corners Festival, Campus Summer Fun

Being a leading campus festival across the continents, the annual Four Corners Festival held at the Millersville University in Millersville is the classiest in its league. The festival is held at the shores of the Millersville University’s world famous swan pond, picturesque in shape and ambience. It collects an impressive cast from renowned artists across the globe and then blends them into one great show. Essentially, the Four Corners Festival is a gathering that celebrates creative performance arts.

Drama alternates with standup comedians as music is juxtaposed with fine art in a rhythmic tandem of the greatest beats you can ever dance to. Here, you dance and laugh, make merry and cry, as the cool breezes on the shore dances with your hair. The Four Corners Festival is simply class; it is art, its campus fest fun at its very best.

Imagine watching the Shakespearean best, “Much Ado about Nothing” on an outdoor setting, as you sip a glass of wine, stretched out on a cajoling grass turf besides a water pool. The amphitheatre here is among the greatest today in the world, not only because of uniqueness in design but also because of conduciveness of the atmosphere. Although dogs are not allowed, you can bring the kids along to enjoy and share with you, the best of summer fun.

The Four Cornered Campus Summer Fun

The Four Corners Festival

Besides the art, the festival combines a camping experience with great outdoor activity. You should bring with you lawn chairs or blankets in a picnic bag, not forgetting all the camping gear. For added comfort, non-alcoholic coolers and shade canopies are allowed. Camping or shading areas are pre-designated to avoid obstruction. Should it rain, which is rare in summer, then the Dutcher Hall and or the Rafters Theatre are used for the main performances. There is ample packing near the amphitheatre although you need a car pass to access it. The campus festival runs through the day, with most
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Novi Sad EXIT Festival in Serbia

The EXIT festival starts on the second week of every July. The genres of music that feature here are rock, dance, electronica, techno, hip hop, punk and progressive. This live music fun, which is widely known by the name State of EXIT festival, takes place at Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia, a picturesque setting that makes people look back into the 18th century when the fortress was built.

The Novi Sad EXIT festival started from a humble political beginning and has maintained a high stature within a short time. Sometimes the festival encountered occasional problems with financing its mission of encouraging Serbian youths to enter into the world of entertainment so as to address the pertinent social problems that they face on a daily basis.

The idea was the brainchild of three university students who hailed from Serbia, Novi Sad. The EXIT festival kicked of performances as a Students Union initiative. Several NGOs and many commercial companies have for some time maintained involvement in the activities of the State of EXIT. This festival was in the limelight all over Europe when it was chosen the Best European Festival during the 2007 UK Festival Awards.

Summer gets better for those who choose to attend this exciting exit festival. The people who voted for a whole month so as to choose one festival from a group of ten were really right in seeing something positive about the Novi Sad EXIT Festival that they did not see in other festivals.

The EXIT Festival in Novi Sad - Serbia

Novi Sad EXIT Festival in Serbia

From the look of things, there are even more surprises in the coming summer. Many performing groups and bands always compete for slots at the festival. The festival has grown from the time when it had a political face to today when it only associates mainly with NGOs and commercial entities. It began off with a strong tinge of anti-Milosevic protests before fear of incarceration threw a dark veil over these strong sentiments. It therefore changed into a forum through the
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The Best Cities for a Wild Nightlife

Many people move from their home country to visit foreign countries in search great fun. Traveling is usually done during the day with the arrangement of flights to various destinations being scheduled for night arrivals. This therefore demands that you know the cities which can facilitate an enjoyable night. At other times, you are on holiday and donít feel like going to sleep early. On such a night itís opportune to roam the streets in such of a nightlife experience that is worth the memory.

This is especially so during the summer when the partying bug catches even the most conservative among us. Itís relatively normal behavior for a person to seek holiday destinations that include cities renowned for nightlife. In fact, most people will take connect-flights on their way to a holiday destination, only because they want to spend a night in a particular city where nightlife fun is unlimited, before departing for the next destination.

Madrid is one of the best places to have nightlife fun. It is one of the world biggest cities known for being alive round the clock. This is why an active nightlife is a common attraction for those visiting the city. Madrid is simply amazing at night, with very interesting activities on offer even at the wee hours of night. For those adept at clubbing, those who love the skin, those who enjoy a game of cards or pool, then Madrid is the place to be. It is true that you will never lack some crazy place to go to in Madrid, or some fantastic things to do to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. The nightlife of Madrid surpasses all the criteria of age, sex, preferences or nationality.

The Best Cities for a Wild Nightlife - Madrid

The Best Cities for a Wild Nightlife - Madrid

Summer fun is brewed raw and hot in the streets of Madrid irrespective of the hour, with diversified activities tailored to suit the needs of all people. In fact, critics say that the city is rather too liberal, especially when it comes to admitting young kids in bars at whatever time. Take a college guy to Madrid, and he or she will never go anywhere else in his or her youth life.

Venice is another renowned destination among the nightlife cities of the world, more so for her vibrant nocturnal life. Simply said, Venice is interesting, whatever hour of day you choose. Of all Italian cities, Venice stands out when it comes to
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The Austere Milwaukee Music Festival

In 1960, Henry W. Maier, Milwaukee mayor, went to Germany for the annual Oktoberfest. When he returned, he had an idea that would soon mature into the world’s greatest music festival of all time. The last three editions of the Summerfest have hosted over a million fans from all over the world. For over three decades now, the Milwaukee music festival has given a platform to thousands and thousand of American music talents and those of many nations in the world at Henry Maier Festival Park.

Every edition of the Summerfest event fun has been an unforgettable experience, replicated nowhere else on the globe. The Guinness Book of Records entered the Summerfest as the greatest music festival of all time after the festival exploded with a fun base unprecedented in mankind’s history. What makes the Milwaukee music festival unique is the incorporation of multiple musical styles and genres in one festival. The Milwaukee music festival usually begins in late June to the early days of July; an awesome eleven days event fun at Henry Maier Festival Park. What’s more, each of these days is packed with the thrill and entertainment that can easily get you over-ecstatic, especially if you have not experienced another festival fun before.

The Austere Milwaukee Summerfest

The Austere Milwaukee Music Festival

Starting from 2007, the Milwaukee Music Festival was linked to cellular connection from stage by Leinenkugel and FM 102, giving those not in attendance a chance to follow the summer fun. This has enabled voting for new and emerging talents by the audience and of course the added benefits of downloads for shows, performances and competitions. Autograph sessions are also provided for in the program.

Before each festival, informative preview shows are broadcasted on WISN-TV and other stations as a prelude to the Summerfest event fun. The inaugural night is marked by
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Summer Fun in Reeling World Sports Festivals

Across the continents and each nation, there are many world sports festivals that are organized for each summer. Sports festivals are a grand way of having summer fun, and enjoying the sport that you like at leisure. It’s all about having fun with likeminded people, at competitive and usually rewarded events – the main motive however is to enjoy the summer. Most summer-fun festivals are organized alongside holiday facilities where accommodation and catering is offered at competitive prices. Below is a sample of several world sports festivals that you can try out this summer.

Let’s begin with the Europe’s grandest sports summer fun, the annual World Sports Festival. This festival draws 5,000 competitors from twenty different nations of the world to a mega sporting event of all time. The event has been more successful in the last three editions than in any other time in the past, mainly because it has featured over eleven different sports, from football to tennis. The sporting activities are held at different venues, according to the requirements for each sport. Young athletes seize the opportunity to complement their summer fun with a competitive event that has both thrill and adventure.

US National Hot Air Balloon Championship

US National Hot Air Balloon Championship

The US National Hot Air Balloon Championship, whose main sponsor is the Balloon Federation of America, is another major attraction during summer. The festival, which was started specifically for balloon events, is open to amateurs and professionals alike. It has the first place prize of $15,000 and thereby prompting a very competitive edge to the event. It is usually organized alongside other air games besides the balloons, with children having their play areas specially set up and monitored during the whole festival.

In world sports festivals, we must also include the extreme sports festivals. For most thrill seekers, extreme sports festivals are something to look forward to every summer. In this age, individuals with a thirst for what is extreme no longer have to do a ski on the Alps alone, or ride a bicycle over a cliff in the Andes. Professional extreme sports have become a global phenomenon, to replace the amateurs and risky one-man gabbles. Essentially, extreme sports are
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Summer Fun at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a haven of fun and many development projects that are all related to tourism. This should help to clarify that all that you need during your holiday to this North Carolina Beach will be available and at most competitive rates. This is predominantly a family beach fun location, a great reason why you will have to bring the kids with you.

The beach is clean and full of activities that are facilitated by the availability of water parks, crazy golf, factory outlet shops, parasailing and funfair. North Myrtle beach has the widest stretch communities that have made this place their home converge at Ocean Drive. You will find it very interesting to interact with them. Atlantic Beach is occupied predominantly by African Americans.

Murells Inlet is to the south of Myrtle. This is a fishing port that provides you with great fish meals for lunch and dinner. Pawleys Island is secluded and ideal for many activities that require some form of exclusivity. Many plantation owners who are not contented with the nature of fun taking place on the mainland beaches always land here for summer activities such as yacht competitions.

Summer fun at myrtle beach

Summer fun at myrtle beach

If you feel tired of beach fun at Myrtle Beach, it is always good for you to rest at Brookgreen Gardens with your loved one or family members. This is also a good place for large groups of people. This is amongst the most beautifully landscaped parks that you can think of. This same area also prides itself with a wildlife sanctuary. Animals found here are alligator, deer, and many others. You may ride for as much as one and
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Rejuvenating the Body with Spa Fun

Just picture a place that is so comfortable that it makes you feel like that of a newly born baby while you relax in comfort. Spa treatment parlors give you a variety of services including facials, body treatments, massage and aromatherapy, which are good in turning your hectic days into cool and paradisiacal moments. There are some spas which have manicure and pedicure, hair removal, or even haircutting services which provide an extemporary style of luxury and enhances your wholesome beauty giving your inner self some calm and joy.

The body treatments generally consist of salt glows and other body wraps which are used to exfoliate, cleanse, or hydrate the entire skin, which happens to be the most subtle body layer under close scrutiny and view. There is always a need to consult a therapist in cases where you cannot make good decisions to do with spa treatment fun choices. This kind of treatment may start with only a scrub which eventually cleanses and gives you a soft feeling on your skin making it even more enjoyable. The other routines may involve the body wrap and the body mask.

Rejuvenating the body with spa fun

Rejuvenating the body with spa fun

The idea behind spa treatment is to aid in easing all the tension you have in your mind and body as well as warding off body fatigue. There are many five star hotels around the world, which offer this fun. In India, a spa hotel holds all the essentialities of providing this service for the customers on holiday. Spa treatment is also referred to as balneotherapy and it is done generally with the help of controlled amounts of moving water. What will be required from you is to sit down where a scrub will be administered to remove the dead skin. From here, you lie in a bathtub where there is rose water and some petals well mixed in the lukewarm water to
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Kids Summer Fun Activities

It is obvious that kids want to have summer fun and there is no doubt about this. But what is the key to all this and how can a parent ensure that kids are well entertained and they enjoy their summer holidays? The secret has to do with the summer fun activities you plan for them in terms of choice. Learn more on the different types of activities which you can engage the kids in to ensure that they are kept busy and that they enjoy the company of others making socialization successful. Consider activities like crafts for kids, fabulous recipes, summer games, outdoor fun and many others just to keep your kids entertained.

Pretty pencil pin wheel is a common and simple activity and one which can keep the kids on board for a very long time. Pinwheels are generally an age old craft, which is very common with grandmas and kids develop a lot of interest in it. It is just a matter of putting together all the activities and scheduling them in a good way to avoid boredom. In this activity what you will need is a colored cardstock or just some construction paper, a pencil with a new eraser, stick pin, scissors, white craft glue, patterns and some sequins. With these requirements met you can get started on your activity.

Kids summer fun activities

Kids summer fun activities

For kids, they will always find it as great fun. The next step involves making them learn more on how to do it through providing proper guidance and making it as simple as possible to help them understand. This is a challenge and it requires a lot of concentration on your side as the leader. Start by printing the pattern on a plain piece of paper using either a copier or a printer. This will help you to get a plan for what to work on and help you make the appropriate steps to
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Greece Adventure Fun in Summer

The islands that make up Greece are set in small distances between them. This the reason why you can spend as much time as you want in most of these islands without having to spend so much money on transport. Many people have developed a special attachment with this city for being the cradle of western civilization.

The setting in the country is wonderful such that every single activity that you engage in brings about unending summer fun. The island villages are simply picturesque. All the villages and small towns are set in an atmosphere that reminds visitors of the great philosophers that contributed greatly to modern civilization.

The most beautiful islands that you must not miss out on include Mykonos, Amorgos, Santorini and Ios. The place to start your summer fun is by visiting the Cyclades or the “Big Blue”. An outstanding feature of these islands is houses that are white-brushed, with magnificently decorated windows that reflect most if not all of Greek’s summer sunshine and moonlight.

Greece adventure fun in summer

Greece adventure fun in summer

Immediately after descending on Cyclades, you will perhaps have the need to use a ferry so as to move from one area to the other. A charter boat is also a good alternative. The secluded beaches are worth going to. Dodecanese Complex is an equally amazing place to be. The Northeast Aegean Sea on the other hand presents you with islands that are as many as you can get in Greece.
When thinking about summer adventure and fun, never worry about accessibility. The essence of summer fun is exploring many possibilities through a variety of Greek transport systems, both on land and in the depths of the sea. The time that you allocate for your Greece vacation is the only limitation when it comes to
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Great Summer Fun Ideas That Matter

A really exciting summer fun idea is ending up in a reading challenge involving family members. Ensure that the contest is in such a way that you are going to determine who has read the most books by the end of the summer. You may need to borrow the books from the local library. A good idea is to register with the library so that you get the privileges that are similar to those of other registered members.

Another idea that will make your summer enjoyable is going to see either birds or bugs. Take as many pictures of these wonderful creatures as possible. Then keep a diary of all the types of birds that you have seen. You will be surprised at the number of cool creatures that always keep coming around your ranch during summer. And of course the kids are going to have pretty good excuses of wanting to accompany you on a mission of finding out what this amazing summer fun idea is all about.

It is also a good idea for you to keep checking out free days at the museum that is in your locality. A visit to the museum with the kids one afternoon is going to be a fascinating event for your kids, spouse or a visiting relative. Going to the farm is another great thing to be doing from time to time throughout the winter duration. If you are bored with going out together, being together with friends is a great alternative to consider.

Summer fun ideas

Summer fun ideas

Attend the summer festivals that may be taking place in town. There are so many music ideas that you might make use of. For instance, it is a good thing to compose some music that reminds you of summer festivals that you have attended in the past. If you have no any music instruments, this is the best time for you to invest in them. Shopping for these instruments is another good thing that you could be doing during those long weekends when you just feel
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Glastonbury Music Festival in Somerset

Glastonbury Music Festival is renowned all over the world and lasts for three summer days of performing arts. Nearly 200,000 people attend the festival. The next festival is scheduled between 23 and 27 June 2010.The sheer magnitude of the people who attend this Glastonbury music festival makes it imperative for you to make proper arrangement early enough. There are always extensive measures that are aimed at controlling the action of touts who tend to sell festival tickets within a couple hours after they are released into the market. Arrangements are always changed from one year to the next so as to control illegal sale of festival tickets that often interferes with normal scheduling of events.

It is good to stay up to date with the recent changes in the ticketing procedures that the organizers put in place. Online sources of information are the best. Signing up with the official website of the hosts of the festival is the best way of getting information regarding sale of tickets as well as their availability.

Glastonbury festival in Somerset.

Glastonbury music festival in Somerset.

Many big names in the world of music always come for this summer music festival every year. Some of them include Radiohead, The White Stripes, The Killers and Basement Jaxx. The truth about Glastonbury music festival is that it is not about all those big bands that are characteristic of every traditional summer music festival experience. It is about the wealth of music that that the world has. You will find many established artists as well as upcoming ones. The festival fun is about spending a whole weekend looking for
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Fuji Rock Festival in Naeba Japan

The Fuji Rock Festival takes place annually at Naeba Ski Resort in the Japanese region of Niigita Prefecture. This summer event keeps fans on their feet for three days. It always features some two hundred Japanese and international musicians.

This festival is the greatest outdoor event in Japan. Many people in North America and Europe love the hospitality that the Japanese people offer visitors. The summer sunshine is equally welcoming. Naeba, the venue of the Fuji Rock Festival is near Mt Fuji. This is a stunning picturesque location for such an extremely wonderful festival. A strong emphasis among the organizers of the festival is on cleanliness. Recycling is one of they ways in which every visitor is expected to the realization of this aim of cleanliness.

This festival of great summer fun is always held in three main stages although there are many other minor stages that are spread all over the site. The impact of this is that people are not confined to one location. One may choose Green Stage, which is the main platform of the festival. Alternatively, the smaller stages provide the specific tastes of individuals without interfering with the harmony and order in the whole campsite.

Fuji rock festival japan 2009

Fuji rock festival japan 2009

The setting of the stages on different great summer fun locations gives participants a chance to have the opportunity of walking from one venue to the other, something that would have been impossible if participants were to experience all the performances from the Green stage only. In actual sense, the festival therefore is not just about music. It is about
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Best Cities for Summer Fun

Sunshine is a great source of inspiration for everyone in Berlin. The onset of summer marks the beginning of an influx of visitors. Almost every summer luxury hotel here has a swimming pool that is always an important facility during summer. Although tourists come to this capital of Germany all year round, the best time for them is summer.

There are many traditional tourist attractions that always give visitors a reason to be happy. The weather is the best indicator of peak seasons. In Germany, the peak season is in the summer months which last from May up to September. During this time, the temperatures range between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It is therefore neither too hot nor too cold.

The first thing to do upon visiting this city is walking around the city center seeing different attractions. Festivals abound and cultural shows that target visitors are also a good source of enlightenment. Live performances and weekly summer dances that are featured in festivals are mainly in the form of operas. The German Ballet is one typical source of festival fun during summer. A good timing of your visit will ensure that you donít miss the dance festival that is always held at Deutsche Oper, a summer luxury hotel.

Summer fun in Berlin

Summer fun in Berlin

Another festival worth paying attention to is the Annual Berlin Theater Event which is also known as Theatertreffen. It takes place at Haus Der Festpiele Berliner. This festival is normally held within the month of June. The Carnival of Cultures also takes place in June. This carnival comes with
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Central Park Summer Stage Music Fest

Since its inception, the idea of SummerStage was introduced so as to ensure that there were as interesting and as many summer festivities as could be possible. This fun was meant to be in the multiple forms of performing arts, by people from many diverse backgrounds. To this date, this festival has remained true to this philosophy, and this is what makes it the biggest summer festival of all time.

Quality music is presented free of charge. Dance and film events are hot favorite items here throughout summer. Artists are always coming up with new and exciting compositions. International composers as well as those from within the US all merge here and share in the thrill. The emerging New York City talents especially find a good opportunity of testing the popularity of their music.

In 2003, Rumsey Playfield was the venue where the Indigo Girls performed after the famous Eastern Seaboard Blackout rudely interrupted them. A single generator at this unfamiliar venue did the amazing trick and power failure did not take fun away from lovers of SummerStage festival fun. Sharon Jones, Vampire Weekend, Marion Williams and Conic South have all made performances that were really enjoyable and memorable during past performances.

Central Park Music Fest

Central Park Music Fest

The 2009 edition of the summer music fest will mark the 23rd anniversary of the breathtaking SummerStage action. The 2009 series will kick off with an enormous benefit show presented by the famous New York-based group known as TV on the Radio. Reggae shows have recently been drawing frequent enormous crowds to the SummerStage festival. Some reggae greats expected to perform during this yearís event are
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Rock Al Parque festival of Bogota city

The Rock al Parque festival, which means Festival In The Park,  is an amazing event that comes to Bogota city every summer. It is always organized by the Secretariat of Culture and Sports courtesy of Bogota’s local authorities. Some of the other artistic genres featured here include salsa, opera, hip-hop and Zarzuela. The greatest genre here is Columbian music, locally known as Colombia al parque.

There is also a section of this summer music festival which is known as “Boys and Girls at the Park” and it literally targets children. This is another reason why you need to bring your kids along for a unique summer adventure. It is only at this festival where children are given a special treat which is quite a novel approach considering that such are reserves for adults. Surprisingly enough, this festival has its origin in youth meetings that were taking place in Planetario Distrital as far back as 1992.

Rock Al Parque 2009

Rock Al Parque 2009

The main inspiration that saw the birth of the Rock al Parque festival is a singer by the name Mario Duarte. He was a member of ‘La Derecha’, a defunct band. Mario Duarte is the one who went to seek support from Institute of Culture and Tourism in Bogota. Julio Correal, a businessman, a staunch supporter of rock music, also contributed greatly to the success of the first Al Parque festival which was held in different venues of the outdoor theater that is popularly known as
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The Ultimate African Safari Experience

Africa is the place to be this holiday season. The continent elicits very mixed reactions from would-be tourists. Festivals, costumes, jungles and cultures are inherently African.

Africa is one of the remaining places in the world that is known for its natural beauty; beauty that is both scenic and truly exotic. A true travel experience that will truly mesmerize you ought to be a holiday spent in Africa. Every West African festival is exciting and worth looking forward to. Indeed, the entire African continent has much to offer, more than you can imagine.

The most daring African safaris are found in Kenya, Namibia, Mauritius, Zambia and even Egypt. African safaris are meant to offer you the real experience of being on the African continent. Such a travel experience lives on long after you have gone back home. This is why you need to take some pictures in order to relive some of the adventures encountered. Anyone who has decided to come to Africa to witness its flora and fauna can have prior travel arrangements put in place. Many resorts dot crucial attractions; you just need to make a safari location and tour choice and then book.

African Safaris

African Safaris

A tour to the East African region brings you face to face with The Big Five. These include lion, elephant, cheetah, leopard and buffalo. African Safaris are a true experience and an amazing adventure.
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The Truth behind African Carnival Costumes and Masks

All African communities know all about the significance of tribal masks and costumes. No African Festival can be complete without these forms of decorations. Sometimes spiritual overtones also contribute to the interpretation of the influence of these items.

African traditions are both interesting and intriguing in equal measure. For instance, most of the African communities believe that circling villages while wearing carnival costumes and tribal masks brings about good fortunes to the people. African festival traditions from the continent borrow heavily form a single act that involves collecting and putting together objects such as bones, shells, beads and fabrics so as to make a sculpture, a skull, or even a mere costume. All these objects are said to add to a certain force that contributes to the spiritual significance of the whole object.

African tribal masks

African tribal masks

When feathers are used on the African tribal masks during festivals, they represent the power to rise above other people so as to conquer them. In another sense, the feathers represent the ability to conquer problems, weaknesses, pains, illnesses and heartbreaks. Carnival costumes have always been made in the same way all over the world only that in Africa, a powerful spiritual dimension is added to them.
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