Toy Train Museums

Toy train museums are stores and display centers of toy railroad equipment, locomotives and cars. For instance, the Toy Train Depot, in Alamogordo, New Mexico, is a railroad museum that exclusively features a collection of scale models of assorted train locomotives, passenger and freight trains, train engines and the like. Having fun at a toy train museum involves enjoying a ride on a toy-track trail for a fee. The Toy Train Depot for instance runs a sixteen-inch-gauge toy track rail line on which visitors can have a leisurely ride round and round.

For collectors, groups of 20 or more are given guided tours around the museums. But more common are the educational guided tours for school children in groups, irrespective of age or grade level. In here, you can explore the interesting history of American toy train making.

Toy Train Museum

Besides these, leading toy train museums display an assortment of scale model trains and toy rail-line equipment for the visitors to watch. It helps understand how the toy trains have evolved over the years and how they work. More importantly, toy train museums have a collection of historical rail artifacts and great ephemera that mark a major achievement since the steam engines hit the American expanse. Most American toy train museums have a collection of pushbutton controls that operate miniature railroad equipment, giving a Continue reading

Barnum Museum

Would you like to see a 1,000-square-foot miniature replica of P. T. Barnum’s circus as handcrafted by William Brinley? Would you like to see Tom Thumb, arguably Barnum’s finest act? Would you like to see a 2500-year-old Egyptian mummy, already authenticated by the Quinnipiac University? Are you biased towards academia, and would appreciate a natural history of menageries, taxidermy exhibits, aquaria, paintings, wax figures, Shakespearean dramas and associated memorabilia? Then welcome to Barnum Museum and you will reminiscence on true art, while also staring at his 3000 miniature figures. That is not all. Fun at Barnum Museum has infinite proportions, for those of us who treasure the American spirit.

The Barnum Museum features a collection of P.T. Barnum’s work and the history of Bridgeport. Built on a structural system of terra cotta and stones, the Barnum Museum stands as majestic as they come on 820 Main Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Museum is in a historic building, itself a recognized entity in the register of historic places. This 1893 building’s design and building was under the supervision of Longstaff and Hurd. It combines Romanesque influences with Gothic, Islamic and Byzantine styles. Being in Barnum Museum is an experience by itself, before sampling the contents within.

Barnum Museum

Fun museums exist all over the globe, but few of them touch the sentimental cord of visitors to the extent that Barnum Museum does. The three-storey museum has the most authentic and extensive imagery artifacts of the Native American history, the Civil War and even Industrial-age reliefs. There is just no exceeding measure of museum fun than watching the relief panels of Christopher Columbus, displayed alongside the Civil War legend General Winfield Scott. The true American spirit and the Continue reading

Finest Teddy Bear Museums

Teddy bear museums are really an overwhelming experience. These are places where you can totally be submerged with emotions, fun having hit the crescendo of perfection.   Spending time around hundreds of teddy bears can melt the heart and touch the essence of your humanness, adult as you are. For the past 100 years, the experience has received a great boost from the world’s community and many people are appreciating the fun museum. Perhaps this is why there have been many upcoming teddy museums all over the world.

The first ever Teddy Museum in the world was in Petersfield (Hampshire) England. It has since reigned as a prime teddy bear museum in the world.  The museum started operations in 1984 and has ever since been in the frontline of stocking favourite teddy bears. When it first opened, only teddies from a collection of Judy Sparrow were stocked but this has increased as more teddies are being introduced into the market. The most ancient and popular teddies have been stocked in the museum with their accompanying lustrous history giving them more aesthetic appeal and impetus. If you really are a fan of teddies, this could be one great option to try.

Teddy Bear Museum

Another perfect museum for teddies is the Dorset Stuffed-Bear Toy Museum. This is a great place to visit for anyone who feels like enjoying the fun in teddies. It is usually opened the whole week from 9:30 AM and is very flexible in closing hours. In this museum a great teddy bear collection is placed artistically. The fun is compounded as you enjoy flashbacks to times when fictional stuffed teddy bears were your object of desire. The teddy bear museum has assorted life-sized teddies that Continue reading

Harley Davidson Museum

Museum fun continues to appeal to thousands of people today, becoming a major tourism attraction all over the world. Consequently, fun museums have sprouted up in the last three decades to feature just about anything conceived of man or even natural phenomena that have a mystic value. Motorcycles too, in this very decade have celebrated the inauguration of their museum. The Harley Davidson Museum is the name of an American motorcycle museum located at the junction of Canal Street and Sixth Street, downtown Milwaukee, in Wisconsin.

The Harley Davidson Museum measures a whooping 130,000-square-foot space of a three-storey building complex on a 20-acre piece of land. In here, over 450 specimens of the Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been amassed and displayed artistically. These are then complemented by thousands and thousands of keepsake artifacts from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, collected during the 106-year reign as a global motorcycle legend. Museum fun is so addictive that if you are into museums, you can trot the globe to every museum available and displaying whatever form of treasures. The Harley Davidson Museum today attracts over 300,000 guests annually, some being lovers of the motorcycles while other are just in love with fun museums.

Harley Davidson Museum

The museum was designed over an eight year duration by the Pentagram architects firm associates, James Biber and Michael Zweck-Bonner. It took two years to build the museum, after Harley Davidson signed out $75 million on 1st June 2006 for the complex engineers to resume construction. Instead of using a golden shovel as is the tradition in inaugural ceremonies, Scott Parker, the famous Harley Davidson dirt-track motorcycle racer, flagged off the construction with a burnout of the Harley-Davidson XL883R Sportster. Two years later, Continue reading